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The 21st Annual Victor J. Venturini Toys For Tots Telethon

The replay of the Victor J Venturini Memorial Toys For Tots Telethon begins airing in the (An Hour With Bob) time slot tonight at 11:00pm.

The first hour of the very successful event airs On Cox 13, Verizon 32 and Full Channel 49 at 11:00pm

The 2nd Hour airs on the same channels on Friday night at 10:00pm

Hour #3 airs on Saturday at 1:00pm

Hour 4 airs next Friday at 10:00pm.

Get another opportunity to the replay of our Telethon will also air on Cox 18 and Verizon 24, 25 and 31 beginning with Hour #4 this Saturday at 11:00pm and Monday at 10:30pm.

These airings will carry over to the next 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy.

Me and my loyal & talented crew of the 2014 Telethon: John Flanagan, Corey & Ryan Welch, Tim Yuettner, Melissa Corcoran, Susan Johnston, Jim Hitte, and Dominic DiPasquale, Nolan Leite, Marissa Beatini, Mark Cutler, Mark Roberts and Jason Morel all of our talented friends wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous 2015!

Toys For Tots 4

Toys For Tots 1

Toys For Tots 2

Toys For Tots 3